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The words were hardly out of his mouth, before the purple bird flew away, crying, "Peep, peep, pe--weep," more dolorously than ever.
It happened to Ulysses, just as before, that, when he had gone a few steps from the edge of the cliff, the purple bird came fluttering towards him, crying, "Peep, peep, pe--weep
Set out before it gets hot, and when you are going, walk nicely and quietly and do not run off the path, or you may fall and break the bottle, and then your grandmother will get nothing; and when you go into her room, don't forget to say, "Good morning", and don't peep into every corner before you do it.
Well may the court be dim, with wasting candles here and there; well may the fog hang heavy in it, as if it would never get out; well may the stained-glass windows lose their colour and admit no light of day into the place; well may the uninitiated from the streets, who peep in through the glass panes in the door, be deterred from entrance by its owlish aspect and by the drawl, languidly echoing to the roof from the padded dais where the Lord High Chancellor looks into the lantern that has no light in it and where the attendant wigs are all stuck in a fog-bank
Where was her solicitude for me, I thought,--for me whom she had been afraid to have merely peep aboard?
But, the turning of the road took him by the back of the booth, and at the back of the booth a number of children were congregated in a number of stealthy attitudes, striving to peep in at the hidden glories of the place.
Of course I sha'n't peep," said Maggie, disdainfully; and she buried her face in the pillow like a person of strict honor.
2, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Just in time for the holiday-rush, PEEPS & COMPANY[sup.
Peep, peep, peep, peep, peep, peep, peep, peep, peep, peep, peep, peep, peep, peep.
We learned to center our pin guard inside the circular hole in our peep sight at full draw.
Directly addressing the issue of robbed bow speed, Pine Ridge Archery created their new Feather Peeps ($6).
Rita's Peeps products will include Peeps Chocolate Covered Gelati, which layers the new marshmallow Peeps Ice and chocolate frozen custard, mimicking the newly introduced Peeps Chocolate Covered Marshmallow Chicks; Peeps Chocolate Covered Misto, which blends Peeps Ice and chocolate frozen custard into an on-the-go drink; and the Peeps Pie Blendini, a crunchy frozen treat that combines the Peeps Ice with frozen custard and tiny cookie pieces to create a sweet crunch sensation.