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Below is the full list of air travelers' pet peeves, according to Skyscanner:
TransLink planned and delivered a Facebook campaign centered on a transit pet peeve "battle.
Slightly afraid at the prospect of the ultra-competitive Gabby trying to prove her pet peeves are more annoying than anybody else's?
As things get busier, the next peeve rears its head.
Several of these customers attended my training recently and a round-table discussion turned to their pet peeves with gun shops.
For example" is another pet peeve, a phrase that was verboten at the Baltimore Sun several years ago because, the metro copy desk was told, then-Executive Editor John S.
My big peeve about the Social Security system is the cap on income eligible for payroll taxation.
He called the issue his "pet peeve," adding that separating the materials is a primary function of scrap processors.
WORD SEARCH Finally, of somewhat less magnitude but still a valid pet peeve, is the practice of offering students extra credit for busy work.
And of the 225 women for whom facial hair is a pet beauty peeve, 36% said it makes them unattractive.
Occasionally, to be sure, the person with the peeve is wrong - as is the case with the supposed "errors" of the split infinitive, ending sentences with prepositions, using couple or none as plural nouns, or beginning sentences with and or but.
And many of the consumers who wrote to us from the Family Circle article started off their request with irritation about shrinking package sizes: "My pet peeve is the mystery of the shrinking cans (15 to 141/2 oz.