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The introductory part of the paper has been devoted to the discussion of certain intricacies of animal metaphor pertaining to broadly understood semantic derogation of animal terms, including the issue of gender-blind operation of zoosemically-conditioned pejoration.
It involves such semantic processes as generalization, specialization, melioration and pejoration, all of which can affect both denotative and connotative meaning.
This shift is necessary in order to logically allow for the significant transformation that the associations of blackness experience unilaterally with those of whiteness, but with a converse development: from pejoration to amelioration.
As a designation for place, writing laboratory has survived some degree of pejoration over the years, due to the oblique medical connection it shares with its long-discredited cousin, writing clinic.
Otherness in our culture has historically functioned as the site of pejoration or negativity.
Furthermore, there are processes called degeneration or pejoration (pejorization), elevation or amelioration (meliorization), hyperbole and taboo replacement (euphemism) and avoidance of obscenity (Hock 1991: 301.
As citizens recognizing a national health crisis, let's refuse to participate in the pejoration of mental illness in media, jokes, songs, comics, and entertainment.
sentimentality's pejoration with the emergence of liberal ideals
Pejoration is extremely common, especially in monosyllables; and dimensionality of one sort or another is equally normal in phonosemantic terms.
To reiterate, it may be the fact that orce once designated the port or left side that explains this slight pejoration, the hint of deviation from an overt and true course.
For the etymological derivation, we will classify the examples according to what is usually known as 'semantic change', which scholars have traditionally subdivided into the five following notions (Breal, 1964: 99; Ullmann, 1967: 227-235; Lyons, 1996: 620): broadening, narrowing, pejoration, amelioration, and metaphorical transfer.