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The thickness and structure of the zona pellucid depend on the species and reflect adaptations to different ecological conditions (Fausto et al.
Immunogold study on lectin binding in the porcine zona pellucid and granulosa cells.
More subdued, more famous, and no less pellucid are Ulysses S.
Although it seems that we all have a general understanding of monasticism, this topic has rarely entered scholarly studies in such a pellucid way.
Takeyh's pellucid work is crucial in understanding the machinations of contemporary Middle Eastern politics.
The Maker of a Movement, a gem at least as valuable: a compact, pellucid biography that pinpoints its subject's significance.
But even as a historian he attracted wide public interest- for his broad range, for essays of penetrating insight and provocation, for a pellucid, elegant prose and also for a love of controversy and at times an acerbic pen and tongue, and for infamously excoriating reviews which reverberated through all fields of scholarship and across nations.
Krishna Winston's pellucid translation of Don Juan is a visual patchwork; the eye is beguiled by the "glow of the poplar-fluff tufts," the "mica sand glitter[ing] in the fishless rill," the "clay with marl with rock outcroppings with taproots with basket roots, sulfur yellow with brick red with salt gray with coal black.
In fewer than 100 pages, Anderson, an elegant, pellucid writer, outlines the strengths and potential vulnerabilities of federal fiscal arrangements, expenditure models, tax regimes and intergovernmental transfer models, concluding with useful chapters on broader economic management and wider institutional matters in federations.
Joe Mantello's pellucid production makes fluid poetry of those mercurial transitions and the frequent temporal shifts, while his gifted cast suggests every painful undercurrent of denial and self-deception with equal clarity.
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