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When users create a profile page they can choose an online pen name and select an avatar from an collection of colourful characters and then create a virtual Library on their profile page to showcase their favourite books, music and movies.
Madison Swift, the pen name of the author, used to be the perfect high school good girl.
THIS book is the latest work of popular author Nora Roberts, who also writes a series of books under the pen name J.
Gradually, the line between man and machine will blur, and people will become acclimated to these new roles of technology just as they've adjusted to carrying a mobile phone, in this book, University of California physicist and author Gregory Benford and a biologist who writes under the pen name Elisabeth Malartre offer an in-depth exploration of this imagined future filled with robots and cyborgs.
Nigel, who uses the pen name Tex Rider, has written an instruction book, called simply Line Dancing, and featuring instruction on 25 dances he has choreographed.
Katharine DeBrecht is the pen name for a mother of three," we learn in the credits for Help
In this sixth entry in Cabot's popular Mediator series (previously published under her pen name Jenny Carroll), readers are once again treated to the adventures of Suze Simon, a girl who can communicate with ghosts and spirits.
Shoot the breeze with Cheryl Howard - who adds her grandmother's maiden name for her pen name Cheryl Howard Crew - and you'll know without a shadow of a doubt that you're with an outgoing, optimistic, carefree woman.
In his 1929 novel, Living, Henry Green (the pen name used by Henry Vincent Yorke) used an iron metalcasting facility in Birmingham, England, as the setting to explore class distinctions through the medium of love.
Part of the context: Vin Packer is a pen name of Marijane Meaker, who was actually the girlfriend of Patricia Highsmith.
Clifford, the pen name of noted director-author Gary Hardwick (Deliver Us From Eva), concocts an intricate, powerful plot that understands this battle very well and works hard to pass that message along to the reader: This is a memorable work.
The piece was published under the pen name Joy Singer, identified as the graduate of a "top ten law school" and a political organizer and public official in California for the previous two decades.