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A reliable source told him that the Pussy Riot feminist will settle in the penal colony number 50 in the town of Nizhny Ingash, four time zones away from Moscow and on the Russia's Trans-Siberian railway.
As Ryan struggles to reconcile his family history, his duty and his heart amidst the opposing currents of romance and war, he stands to either win the woman he loves, die on the noose, or toil a lifetime in a distant penal colony.
10pm A convict is persuaded to rescue a president from Manhattan which has been turned into a penal colony.
By providing the context of Australia's origins as a penal colony, the author analyzes the connection between the narrative interpretations, the need to generate income and the truth.
The Longest Journey" follows Elspeth as she must rise above a hateful step family who wrongfully accuse her and get her deported to Australia, then just a simple penal colony of England.
Last October, guerrillas attacked the Davao Penal Colony in Dujale town and stole more than 100 firearms.
Then suddenly in the 1920s and 30s the French government found itself forced to respond to international criticism, going so far as to close New Caledonia as a penal colony in 1929.
Between 1867 and 1873, Bahaullah was a solitary prisoner in a Turkish penal colony who wrote a series of letters to kings and emperors, predicting the course of modern history with surprising accuracy.
The discussion covers three significant historical developments from the introduction of punishment and confinement to the current state of the San Ramon Penal Colony and the Correctional Reforms.
She focuses on the penal colony Van Diemen's Land (Tasmania), which supplied Aboriginal bodies to British men of science, to illustrate the ways human remains have sometimes been stripped of their sacred meaning in the name of science and even in the name of entertainment.
According to The Associated Press, Grenville's novel tells the story of a convict's struggle to build a life for his family after being shipped to a 19th-century Australian penal colony.
By contrast, Yoko Ono's Penal Colony (far right) produced with fellow Japanese Arata Isozaki is an austere and oppressive grey labyrinth.