penal servitude

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December 9, 1914: After prolific Huddersfield burglar George William Dean, 22, was sentenced to three years penal servitude for breaking into the shop of the Lane Dyehouse Industrial Society he told the court: "I will make it my business to go as wrong as ever I can when I come out.
His commanding officer recommended Hunter's death sentence be commuted to 10 years penal servitude.
Pte Downing, who had joined up in August 1914 and had previously been wounded at Gallipoli, and a fellow soldier, Robert Burton, were both executed for falling asleep at a sentry post on the frontline, despite a plea from one commander for Downing's sentence to be commuted to five years' penal servitude.
A petition was put h to the Secretary te for Scotland pleading that the sentence be reduced to penal servitude due to her gender but it was rejected.
For the first time, I suppose, in the history of Convict Prisons, we have a body of men, guilty of grave crime and sentenced to various terms of penal servitude, .
Postman William Jones, 37, of Pontypool, was given five months hard labour for stealing a letter containing a PS1 note, while 63-year-old labourer Michael Clarke was given five years penal servitude for "setting fire to a certain stack of hay, the property of Thomas Morgan, at Usk, on the 28th April 1921".
He denied the offence but was later convicted of manslaughter and sentenced to penal servitude for life.
Sentenced to five years penal servitude for an "outrage" to his superiors, Rousset would later be called upon to testify in the trial of the three officers responsible for the supervision of Aernoult.
Any person who commits an offence under the Information and Communication Technologies Act shall on conviction be liable to a fine not exceeding Rs 1 million and to penal servitude not exceeding five years, while under the Computer Misuse and Cybercrime Act, liable to a fine not exceeding Rs 200 000 and penal servitude not exceeding 20 years.
She found records in the National Archives that showed her grandfather was also a criminal, who was forced to give back his First World War medals in 1921 after he was sentenced to three years' penal servitude.
He then became another boring KPMG accountant until divine inspiration sentenced him to a life of penal servitude in the airline business.
Instead, he was told he would get five years penal servitude - jail and hard labour - once the war was over.