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It's always frustrating for businesses like ours to rank lower than competitors that appear to offer lower standards of customer service, so any potential ranking penalisation from Google would certainly be welcomed.
The most common reason for penalisation, according to respondents, is misappropriation of funds followed by the subordination (Table 5.
There are already benefits in reduced taxation for people who drive smaller cars by choice, and there is already a penalisation for larger vehicles.
Les recherches sur le vodou, souvent fortement empreintes de representations et de prejuges (allant de la << satanisation >>, la denegation et la penalisation a la folklorisation ou la reconnaissance), sont reanalysees par Laennec Hurbon sur la base d'une genealogie des statuts associes au vodou depuis la periode coloniale esclavagiste, resituant ainsi le phenomene tant dans ses dimensions religieuses, economiques, culturelles, qu'identitaires, historiques et politiques.
If such a penalisation were the preferred option, it would preferably have to be embedded within a broader system aimed at the maintenance of public order.
Pour l'apprehender, cet article presente une analyse qui aborde le probleme sous quatre angles complementaires: le premier a trait a la politique douaniere, le deuxieme au fonctionnement technique de l'administration des douanes, le troisieme a la penalisation de la contrebande et le dernier aux discours officiels et aux conduites sociales qui accompagnent cette illegalite.
Recent questions in the Senate to the Minister for Social Security, Amanda Vanstone, have rought to light a widespread practice of unjust penalisation of social welfare recipients for alleged `breaches' of their conditions for receiving benefits.
But the point is that, if we believe it is desirable for all horses to be trying their hardest every time they run, then the rules need to be changed, if for no other reason than to end the penalisation of the dwindling few who campaign their horses openly.
Parmi les principaux amendements, on retient celui relatif a la suppression de la penalisation de la fraude fiscale, auparavant contenue dans le PLF 2016.
His reprehensible questioning of gang rape and its modalities -- in context of the criticism his party is receiving over the growing incidents of rape in the state -- reeks of an insensitivity that is inexcusable and yet out of bounds of any form of penalisation, barring social censure.
Rencontre sur le lieu de la protestation, le president de l'Assemblee populaire communale d'Ahnif, Saoudi Djamel, qui a essaye d'apaiser la tension, a souligne que [beaucoup moins que] la revendication de ces jeunes etait legitime [beaucoup plus grand que], observant, toutefois, que [beaucoup moins que] cela ne necessitait pas la fermeture de la route et la penalisation de ses usagers [beaucoup plus grand que].