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But her run of bad luck continued in the 1,000m semi-final when she was penalised for crashing into another competitor in the last lap.
com Galway Plate tomorrow week, feels the discretionary penalty system is a "fallacy" because only winners can be penalised.
When Exeter lost a lineout in their own 22, the hosts were penalised and Lamb made it 6-6.
Intentional breaches are penalised 20%-100%, with an automatic 100% penalty for repeated intentional breaches.
SERIE A clubs have been warned they will be penalised with a 3-0 defeat if their fans throw missiles this weekend.
Charman was penalised several strokes for aggressive behaviour, swearing and throwing her racket at the ceiling.
The Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) has been investigating the situation and has apparently hinted that the carrier could be penalised.
Philippsohn added, "You've got to be able to get at the merchant and make sure that company is heavily penalised.
UK regulators are bullish on the need for a uniform ETS allocation process to ensure the UK is not disproportionately penalised.
The regulator said that the insurer was penalised for breaking a pledge.
Why should someone who has spent their money on a house instead of other things be penalised, why should someone who has inherited a house be penalised?
Hamilton has been involved in a string of incidents this year including Monaco where he was penalised twice, Hungary, Belgium, Canada and last weekend in Singapore he clashed with Felipe Massa in qualifying and the race.