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Some 22 federally insured credit unions filed late call reports and were penalized during the last quarter of 2015.
The company admitted to breaching Section 227 (e) of the Environmental Protection and Enhancement Act and was penalized $150,000.
He added that BCCI can easily save Ravindra Jadeja and he is been penalized unnecessarily for no fault of his.
People have done the right thing and signed up to help the environment like the PM wanted them to and now they're being penalized for it.
A total of 2,289 central government employees were penalized in 2000, a sharp increase from 328 the previous year, the National Personnel Authority announced Tuesday.
Summers says Treasury has no quarrel with the desire of companies to minimize their tax burden by legitimate means, he is perpetuating an environment of uncertainty where corporations could be penalized retroactively for practices which formerly were legitimate.
The new ruling recognizes that these individuals, who by all standards and measurements endure incredible hardship and loss for which they are never adequately compensated, will now not be penalized for such decisions.
Those using pilot lights will pay firm gas rates to run them and will not be penalized.
For this purpose, consideration is given to whether the filer was previously penalized under sections 6721, 6722, or 6723 of the Code.
The A's are rewarded for good habits, the B's are unfairly penalized, and the C's probably get a good deal considering what they are doing to themselves.
PESHAWAR -- Food Department, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa in a crackdown against profiteers and adulteration in Hazara Division has penalized 244 shopkeepers and imposed a fine of Rs 763800 from them during last month.