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The other's an Oscar-winning, mean-looking, character actor with a penchant for dance moves.
This column has a penchant for architectural websites which exhibit clarity, brevity and the odd quirk.
Opening with a disturbing meta-narrative illustration of a "jumping in" of a new gang member ("Initiation"), Native Guns's refreshing penchant for self-examination (and indictment) is evident through dialogues on herd mentality ("Slave Thinking"), responsible activism ("Look In The Mirror"), their discovery of hip-hop lyricism and culture ("1995") and the inescapable complicity of consumers in sweatshop exploitation ("Work It").
ROSIE O'DONNELL, describing her penchant for taking lots of pictures during the concerts of her friend Madonna, to Liz Smith's Daily Variety column, May 25
Paul Schmitt's penchant for technological innovation is a well-known thing.
Instead, Conniff trots out a mythic lesbian couple with a meticulously manicured lawn, enchanting garden gnomes, and a penchant for "minding their own business.
Sam Querrey's penchant for being a slow starter in the Wimbledon juniors finally caught up with him.
He also displays what Toby Harnden of The Spectator of London calls "a penchant for virulent leftist anti-Americanism.
Made of what the artist lists as "dominant cinema notes," "neo-plastic memories," and "meta-allegory of architecture as body," as well as the more easily discernable wood, vinyl, resin, glue, and aforementioned balls (actually smoke bombs), these outwardly tasteful yet somehow troubling maquettes reveal Sanchez's penchant for churning up logic and blurring fantasy, paranoia, and reality.
David Pointer is a poignant Nashville poet with a penchant for .
Fans of Janet Evanovich will readily acknowledge her penchant for mixing fast-paced murder mystery with intrigue and female savvy in a cocktail of adventure that doesn't fail to shine in her latest Metro Girl.
Enthusiastically recommended for readers with a penchant for high fantasy, Silverlance will leave them looking eagerly toward the next "tale of true adventure" from the mind and imagination of Peter Thomas Crowell.