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Begun, but not yet completed; during; before the conclusion of; prior to the completion of; unsettled; in the process of adjustment.

A lawsuit is said to be pending from its inception until the issuance of a final judgment by a court. The phrase pending appeal refers to the time before an appeal is taken, as well as to the period during which an appeal is in progress.


(Imminent), adjective about to happen, approaching, at hand, close, close at hand, coming, eventual, expectant, fearful, foreseen, foreshadowing, forthcoming, immediate, impending, instant, looming, momentary, near, ominous, on the horizon, overhanging, prospective, threatening, upcoming
Associated concepts: pending action, pending case, penddng cause, pending claim, pending proceeding


(Unresolved), adjective in a state of uncerrainty, in abeyance, in question, indefinite, indeterminate, open to discussion, open to question, still in debate, unascertained, uncertain, unclear, unconcluded, undecided, under consideration, undetermined, unfixed, unsettled, unsolved
See also: ad interim, conditional, forthcoming, future, outstanding, undecided, unsettled, until
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The three-member bench headed by its Chairman, Justice (Retd) Sheikh Ahmad Farooq comprising of Qazi Afaq Hossain and Syed Nasir Hussain Shah took all old pending cases on priority along with fresh and decided on merit.
At the regional level, pending sales were higher on a year-over-year basis in the San Francisco Bay Area, Southern California, and Central Valley, but were lower on a monthly basis.
A sale is listed as pending when the contract has been signed and the transaction has not closed.
States with the smallest increases in foreclosure volume included Rhode Island (eight active and pending foreclosures; two new foreclosures), Vermont (26 active and pending foreclosures; six new foreclosures), Hawaii (29 active and pending foreclosures; 10 new foreclosures), New Hampshire (47 active and pending foreclosures; 14 new foreclosures) and Alaska (61 active and pending foreclosures; 19 new foreclosures).
Because the offer was never accepted for processing, it was never pending and levy was never prohibited.
Other notable pending sales are W & M Capital's acquisition of 711 Westchester Avenue from Aetna Life and the purchase of the long vacant 360 I-lamilton Avenue White Plains, by a Reckson/Ralpem/Cappelli partnership.
Actions seeking to impose similar sanctions against three other persons are pending.
Currently pending is the Securities Investors Legal Rights Act of 1991.
For example, as you look through your PENDING folder, you see a copy of an article that was waiting for your supervisor's input.
Regarding pending suo moto notices, he said 33 suo moto notices of last three years are still pending in the SC including one of 2008, 9 of 2009, 8 of 2010, 9 of 2011, 6 of 2012.
Table 1 Drilling Summary - Kasala Project Hole Id Depth (m) From (m) To (m) Interval (m) Copper (Cu) Cobalt (Co) MDB-DD-006 150,0 Assays Pending MDB-DD-007 195,7 Assays Pending MDB-DD-008 122,3 Assays Pending MDB-DD-009 128,0 Assays Pending MDB-DD-010 150,7 Assays Pending MDB-DD-011A 109,0 Assays Pending MDB-DD-011B 144,8 Assays Pending MDB-DD-012 146,8 Assays Pending MDB-DD-013 150,0 Assays Pending MDB-DD-014 150,0 Assays Pending MDB-DD-015 250,0 Assays Pending MDB-DD-016 187,3 Assays Pending MDB-DD-017 161,3 Assays Pending MDB-DD-018 167,3 Assays Pending MDB-DD-019 213,0 Assays Pending MDB-023 97,0 17 97 80 1.
and GBC Bancorp announced Thursday that they received approval from their stockholders for the pending merger of the two Los Angeles-based entities.

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