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Begun, but not yet completed; during; before the conclusion of; prior to the completion of; unsettled; in the process of adjustment.

A lawsuit is said to be pending from its inception until the issuance of a final judgment by a court. The phrase pending appeal refers to the time before an appeal is taken, as well as to the period during which an appeal is in progress.


(Imminent), adjective about to happen, approaching, at hand, close, close at hand, coming, eventual, expectant, fearful, foreseen, foreshadowing, forthcoming, immediate, impending, instant, looming, momentary, near, ominous, on the horizon, overhanging, prospective, threatening, upcoming
Associated concepts: pending action, pending case, penddng cause, pending claim, pending proceeding


(Unresolved), adjective in a state of uncerrainty, in abeyance, in question, indefinite, indeterminate, open to discussion, open to question, still in debate, unascertained, uncertain, unclear, unconcluded, undecided, under consideration, undetermined, unfixed, unsettled, unsolved
See also: ad interim, conditional, forthcoming, future, outstanding, undecided, unsettled, until
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26 cases were dismissed, two petitions allowed and 60 cases are still pending in court.
Likewise in KPK by 1 January 2012, 204330 cases were pending and 38092 new cases were registered, 38679 cases were decided and 204095 cases are pending.
At this time, none of the Federal Reserve's pending enforcement actions names the Abu Dhabi ruling family or the ADIA; nor in any of the actions brought by the Federal Reserve against others has the Abu Dhabi ruling family or ADIA been alleged to have served as BCCI nominees in controlling the shares of First American's holding company.
Examples: Tickets to a play seven weeks away are in your PENDING file; in the month-at-a-glance section of your book or calendar, on the date of play, you write "King Lear at View Theatre, tix in PND.
The document said that total numbers of 15074 cases from January 02, 2012 to November 30, 2017 were sent to IHC while only 726 cases were disposed off among 16, 244 cases while 16, 180 are still pending with the IHC.
The inmates with pending applications are Engelbert Durano, Nonilo Arile, Jaime Patio, Jojo Baligad and Vicente Sy.
Giving details of human right cases pending in the SC he said 16,331 HR cases of 2012 are still pending, while 16270 cases of 2011 are pending, 14906 cases of 2010, 6784 of 2009 are still pending with the SC.
Rowe might also argue that, if the acts alleged in the current pending criminal case occurred at Neverland Ranch, where her own children resided, then her own children were at risk of being sexually abused.
To the credit of the IRS National Office, the IRS is expected to publish a notice clarifying that a taxpayer that has a Form 3115, Application for Change in Accounting Method, for a favorable method change pending on March 14, 2002, which was filed under Rev.
TRANSFORMERS fans will be stepping out on the town in a variety of items and styles based on completed or pending deals with apparel and footwear companies such as Extreme Concepts, Kids Headquarters, Fruit of the Loom, Elan Polo, Adorable Kids, Saramax Sleepwear, Changes, and Drew Pearson.
Extending the corporate life of the Philippine National Railways (HB 4089) - approved on third reading and pending with the committee in the Senate
and GBC Bancorp announced Thursday that they received approval from their stockholders for the pending merger of the two Los Angeles-based entities.

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