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Because of higher penetrability, isocyanate may react with hydroxyl groups existed on the secondary cell wall of wood particles (not found in the pine needles) (10) and the resulting reaction products may deposit as integral part of their internal structure that could also be responsible for improved internal bond strength.
This concept is contrasted; however, with the report indicating that the presence of cumulus and oviductal cells at the time of IVF increases the penetrability of oocytes (5).
The penetrability of biapenem into PF was estimated using a non-compartmental pharmacokinetic analysis.
It's true that the early modern period does find itself sometimes nearly driven mad by the penetrability of the senses in a world full of intromissive stimuli, driving beams, rays, and simulacra into the body.
The concrete quality can be assessed as per the limits given in ASTM C 1202 based on the degree of chloride ion penetrability and is shown in Table 4.
In addition to the biological and chemical tests, the USP will also include the three functional tests, including fragmentation, self-sealing and penetrability.
Stylistic sterility emerges in its scenes of heterosexual domination, suggesting that the formal elements resist such authority, while literary play emerges in the meeting and hence penetrability of equals.
Using Pierre Nora's classification of "the sacred and the profane," I examine the penetrability (how accessible the visual cues are) and the legibility (how readable the visual cues are) within the context of architecture.
penetrability and ooziness, and this is why the male homosexual is
On the cognitive penetrability of postural control.
The problem is that the ESCA method, with its limited penetrability, is absolutely unsuited to judge on the distribution of paint additives over the cross section of the paint film.
They include arming submarine-launched Trident missiles with conventional explosives; placing hardened tips on existing missiles to enhance their penetrability in hardened silos; and 'setting off a huge explosion to gather data for efforts to improve bunker-busting bombs'.