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Brad Fitzpatrick's "Hit Me with Your Best Shot" quotes Federal's Tim Brandt as saying "smaller shot penetrates better.
enteritidis to penetrate through the yolk membrane during storage at different combinations of warm and refrigerated temperatures.
2 : to see into or through <My eyes couldn't penetrate the darkness.
When the dyes are heated in this transfer process, they vaporize, and if they are in close proximity to a suitable substrate, such as a plastic or coating, the vapors penetrate the adjacent substrate by around 0.
Is there evidence that they penetrate often and with regularity?
The spammers need not actually penetrate the corporate email system to generate these false headers.
The defensive lineman must penetrate to the heels of the offensive line or deeper to reestablish the line of scrimmage.
Monte Carlo simulations of the electron trajectories from small particles indicate that most of the 20 keV beam electrons penetrate through these particles with minimum angular deflection.
In the sub-analyses, effects of vardenafil were evaluated by patients' responses to two key questions of the International Index of Erectile Function (IIEF) questionnaire: the ability to penetrate (question 3/Q3) and the ability to maintain an erection during intercourse (question 4/Q4).
The agreement enables FPDI to quickly penetrate the lucrative commercial and government markets with our technology and services," said Jean Reiczyk, FPDI chairman and CEO.