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The majority of patients suffering penetrating wounds to the heart do not survive long enough to receive any medical assistance.
Yesterday, the jury was told pathologists who examined her body both agreed she died "with in a small number of minutes" of suffering the penetrating wound.
Ms Flintham had suffered a penetrating wound to her left upper abdomen.
A post-mortem by a Home Office pathologist found Mitchel died from a penetrating wound to the head.
The Ministry of Interior stated that Dawoud sustained several wounds at his left chest, one penetrating wound, and cuts at his right arm.
However, there are other conditions that can cause similar symptoms as you have described, such as those affecting the salivary and thyroid glands or an abscess resulting from a penetrating wound.
The airgun pellet will almost certainly have dragged the cat's fur in with it ( often if you look carefully small tufts of hair are visible poking out through the penetrating wound.
The primary signs and symptoms of his laryngeal trauma were hoarseness, hemoptysis, the loss of his laryngeal prominence (Adam's apple), neck tenderness, traumatic emphysema in the neck, and a small penetrating wound to the right of the laryngeal prominence.
A post mortem exmaination revealed that death was caused by a penetrating wound.
This starts as a penetrating wound on the underside of the foot.
A post-mortem examination showed that the Wolverhampton Wanderers supporter, who lived in Ringwood Road, Bushbury, in the city, had suffered a penetrating wound to the heart during the attack in the early hours of June 22.
Included were 14 victims of blunt trauma and six victims of a penetrating wound made either by a knife or ballistic weapon.