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Most psychoanalysts and Freud-friendly psychotherapists do not lie in wait for phallic symbols, penis envy, incest fantasies, and so on.
Boyarin offers an all-embracing explanation for Freud's controversial switch from the seduction theory to the theory of instinctual infantile sexuality as well as his development of the "phallic" ideas of oedipal conflict, castration anxiety, and penis envy.
On the other hand, the desire for equality with men was conceived by some early shrinks as a perversion: a disavowal of the female role, a piece of penis envy.
A related consensus stipulates that female penis envy is neither so undifferentiated nor so determinative as Freud thought.
The headword texts are a most valuable part of the book, introducing students at undergraduate level to key concepts in a clear and compact way: the first two pages of 'Desire', for instance, manage to move easily from Freud's notion of penis envy to Lacan's characterization of desire and the phallus, relating them to the formation of gender within the Symbolic and to the significance of desire within language as a whole, all this in terms which relate in plain language the connections between the pieces that follow.
Lipstick: While I've never packed, I do have a serious case of penis envy.
The juiciest tale Lilla tells is that of Heidegger, Jaspers, and Arendt--a bizarre triangle of misplaced loyalty, romantic delusion, and philosophical penis envy whose closest political cognate would be Bill Clinton, Al Gore, and Monica Lewinsky.
Witness the fact that "Nutty Professor II," that ode to flatulence, was awarded a PG-13 while "Scary Movie," a horror movie with penis envy, got an R.
One faction was aligned with Karen Horney, who disputed the existence of penis envy in no uncertain terms.