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Great ideas to help out the penny-pinchers at money saving expert after their failed Betfair sting:
Indeed, for hard-core penny-pinchers, couponing could be classified as an extreme-savings sport.
Punters split their profit 50/50 with the club although the Parkhead penny-pinchers would probably try to take a 75 per cent cut.
Undesirable" customers are the skin-flints, tightwads and penny-pinchers who constantly apply for rebates, purchase returned merchandise at a discount after buying and returning it themselves, or resell marked-down merchandise at a profit on the Internet.
clickthrough, such false economizing penny-pinchers will have to live with the patrons they already have, praying that age will not wither or the Web lure these few familiar faces away.
Conspiracy theorists, control freaks, procrastinators and penny-pinchers can avoid the postal process entirely by dropping off their ballots at county elections drop boxes.
But Whitehall penny-pinchers dealt the biggest blow to Middlesbrough Council.
Then there's the unpronounceable words, so-called penny-pinchers in Ceredigion and, of course, the never ending sheep jokes.
8am to 8pm sounds good) or will bureaucratic penny-pinchers get their way as usual?
BRITONS are a nation of penny-pinchers, with some people even going as far as dumping a partner just before Christmas in a bid to save cash, research revealed today.
BRITONS are a nation of penny-pinchers, with some people even dumping a partner before Christmas to save cash, research claimed today.
The Royal Family are notorious penny-pinchers - TV presenter Vanessa Feltz, pictured.