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I've found a perfect solution for the penny-pinching Beeb.
What isn't needed, however, is further penny-pinching.
Is it cheap materials, shoddy workmanship or a penny-pinching quick fix attitude?
A change in the rules is welcome, but it would appear rather too late to save us from the penny-pinching bad behaviour of those supposed to be our respected representatives.
The reality is that this is a penny-pinching method of saving money.
Much better: Hoping to put an end to the debate about his comedy-club heckler attack, Michael Richards issued a statement saying he wasn't being racist but was just ``nervous'' and ``forgot the joke'' he meant to tell about the penny-pinching Jewish man and the mustached Italian woman who walk into a bar where a Chinese guy is taking pictures of the dumb blonde bartender waiting on a drunk Indian squaw.
Once again it's the penny-pinching minority at fault.
One of the roles Ronnie Barker will be best remembered for is that of penny-pinching shopkeeper Albert Arkwright in Open All Hours.
Unfortunately, said Dean Burgomaster and Ray Carter, chair of the restoration committee, penny-pinching when the building was erected resulted in the use of substandard building materials.
The contestant, a farmer's wife from Maine who was in town visiting her daughter, endured the quizzer's quips about her home state with quiet dignity, but her lips tightened when he burbled repeatedly about New England thrift and penny-pinching.
Helin describes as 'mud-wrestling' the five-year process in which the programme was repeatedly changed (a multiplex was proposed and then withdrawn from the site of the music school), and subject to the developers' penny-pinching.