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The piece of art's blurb reads: "While a panda, an owl and a rabbit sit pensively on the famous Animal Wall outside Cardiff Castle, a poodle stares back across the road from the new, temporary gallery, The Angel.
The second depiction had more of a cartoonish aura, a whimsical mood, with softer colors and the women's faces pensively drained, at peace.
He punched the ground in dismay as his teammates looked on pensively, but smiles returned to their faces when a Finn lifter took Du Plessis' edge and was snaffled by Cook.
He punched the ground in dismay as his team-mates looked on pensively.
The pristine valley is circled by the serpentine Hunza river flows pensively though at times splashes its might at the heels of mighty mountains like Ultar Sar, Hunza Peak, Passu Peak and miraculous pointing Ladyfinger Peak etc, which can serve an ideal sojourn for the inquisitive souls who 'want to drink the last dregs of adventurous life.
With hand to chin, eyes cast pensively to heaven, she'd say, "I think you're right, son, but not in that order.
Ryan Mark Leonardo has an untitled photo of a blind man playing a makeshift guitar while his female companion sits pensively beside him.
Looking at the Stars Pensively looking at the stars at night, Twinkling with their exuberant light, The moon at times coming out to shine, Her shadows then for me to find.
When I looked back, he was munching on it pensively.
Until Tuesday and till that moment, Dhawan had been condemned to indulge in his pet peeve in isolation, and it seemed silly every time he was seen twisting pensively away at it after getting out poking at deliveries outside off stump.