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The pensiveness of her performances, the drama and the metaphors are all resulting tones born from the strict adherence J.
You should speak of these photographs as of thinking, as a pensiveness without a voice, whose only voice remains suspended.
In the five-voice setting Mia benigna fortuna, the singers trip lightly and with great rhythmic flexibility through the opening lines, slowing eventually to a dark pensiveness as the lyric turns despairing in the second half; the equally introspective Io son si stanco sotto is given a more regular but no less heartfelt reading.
Some of the visages in volcanic rock portray happiness or anger, pensiveness or superiority.
Yet, giving projection to oral histories tied to the local gay community, this managed to intimately engage, thanks to the spunk and pensiveness of some non-professionals who paraded by.
This--the awareness of the passage of time, the ever-presence of death, and the fleeting nature of all earthly things--is the very essence of the warrior's consolation found in the great poems like Beowulfi This awareness creates some of the most poignant passages in poems like The Wanderer, as it does for "The Homecoming of Beorhtnoth Beorhthelm's Son," capturing the brooding pensiveness of the Anglo-Saxon scop.
If the diablitos and the carnival figures pick up the dance and the music, the varicolored exterior, strong and rhythmic, these usually one-colored faces prolong the pensiveness and labyrinths of the city.
This contrast may seem tendentious: the bright eyes of the barrack attendant speak first to the pensiveness in Hershl's eyes and last to their feverish dying, assuring the young Jew that despite his death the struggle will continue.
Once suit has been filed and the battle joined, discovery proceeds within rigid parameters and pensiveness is a luxury not easily indulged.
Some understood his reserve as pensiveness, yet to others he appeared aloof.
She is] the goddess of the fertility of the earth and of all creatures, but still of fertility as arisen out of death; and therefore she is not without a certain pensiveness, having seen the seed fall into the ground and die, many times.
There was no fear, no pensiveness, it was a clear attacking change.