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Recent work indicates that the PENT and SENT specimens have an SIF and constraint/transverse T-stress (coefficient [beta] = [[T([pi]a).
The failure time for the PENT test according to Eq.
Note that the failure time in a manufactured structure is compared with that of the PENT specimen, whose standard state is a slow cooled compression molded plaque.
It is evident that the PENT copolymer possesses the highest and PET the lowest modulus while the PETN copolymer and the blends possess values between these two.
15, 2005, Pent Energy assumed responsibility of Oil Center Operating's employee base as well as the 2,800-acre Stroud Prue Sand Unit in Creek and Lincoln Counties.
Tenders are invited for Supply and erection of scallop bars with expansion joints at pent house, dog house & countant chamber, application of sealing membrane at pent house including removal of ash from pent house, dog house, countant chamber, buckstays by water lancing and manually during 210 MW unit no.
Groundbreaking Product Line Addresses Pent Up Demand to Tightly Control User Access to Authorized Resources and Contain Malware Outbreaks
Summary: Pent up volatility could lead to breakouts and trend reversals depending on what happens at the G20 summit and with the ECB rate decision.
The challenge is that this will not be a market driven by pent up consumer demand," adds Phil Kendall, Director, Strategy Analytics' Wireless Network Strategies service.
This will not be a market driven by pent up consumer demand, it will be molded by friction between wireless and wireline operators, between cable MSOs, broadband providers and triple-play telcos," adds Phil Kendall, Director of the Strategy Analytics Wireless Network Strategies service.
Higher than anticipated fourth quarter profits in the corporate sector, increased consumer confidence, an up-surge in home sales and a pent up demand for big ticket items are all indicative of a healthier economy, and when the economy is strong, rates go up," says Bitton, who notes that increases were most evident in long-term interest rates.
The sales market will also be helped by a certain amount of pent up demand: over the last three years, little or no investment activity has occurred on the part of REITs, pension f|nds and wealthy individuals.