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His early bah humbug, penurious personality is amusingly coated with a dash of gently sadistic humor, the way he plays with Bob Cratchit's (Zack Steele) furtive, tiptoe attempt to sneak an extra lump of coal into the fire to warm things up a bit.
OPEC's Arab Gulf state members led by Saudi Arabia, disregarded pleas from the organizations more penurious members to stabilize dropping oil prices by reducing oil production.
What seems wasteful behavior to the penurious spirituality is just common sense to this pastor.
I Had wisely raised a competent state To my posterity; and is there not More wisdom and more charity in that, Than for your lordship, or your father, or Your grandsire to prolong the torment and The rack of rent from age to age upon Your poor penurious tenants, yet perhaps Without a penny profit to your heir?
I'm not quite cut out for the penurious life of the mind.
While the girl and her coterie claim to have walked from their nearby residence in the penurious neighborhood of Sabra, many Syrian children scattered around the affluent areas of Beirut are far from their homes, some purposefully shuffled around by trafficking networks, the inner workings of which were revealed in part last week when the Internal Security Forces dismantled an alleged child trafficking ring in Ras Beirut.
Not only did we discover these ' agents', but we also realised how ridiculously easy it is for people of means to get a poor label and corner the benefits meant for the truly penurious.
The European Union's efforts to break this "doom loop", in which frail banks and penurious states recycle the same money to prop each other up, are falling short.
While in Paris on her own, Paula had led a penurious existence with hardly enough money to buy food.
In the cases of courage and liberality, likewise, the mean holds for virtuous disposition of these states even though the circumstances may differ as to when bravery becomes foolhardiness and distribution of funds penurious.
For a long while after they moved to the venue in 2005 - which came as a blessed relief following several penurious, nomadic and endangered years, some at the club harboured the slightly risible aspiration to construct a 5,000 seater stand on what is arguably local authority land.
Sherley's penurious death in Spain in the 1630s was the final consequence of the ignominy that surrounded his ill-fated adventuring life.