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While the girl and her coterie claim to have walked from their nearby residence in the penurious neighborhood of Sabra, many Syrian children scattered around the affluent areas of Beirut are far from their homes, some purposefully shuffled around by trafficking networks, the inner workings of which were revealed in part last week when the Internal Security Forces dismantled an alleged child trafficking ring in Ras Beirut.
Not only did we discover these ' agents', but we also realised how ridiculously easy it is for people of means to get a poor label and corner the benefits meant for the truly penurious.
The European Union's efforts to break this "doom loop", in which frail banks and penurious states recycle the same money to prop each other up, are falling short.
In view of the diversity and zoonotic nature of rat parasites, the penurious conditions prevailing in communities where rats thrive close to humans may readily facilitate parasitic transmission to them.
For a long while after they moved to the venue in 2005 - which came as a blessed relief following several penurious, nomadic and endangered years, some at the club harboured the slightly risible aspiration to construct a 5,000 seater stand on what is arguably local authority land.
Loach and Laverty make it abundantly clear that if penurious and troubled individuals are to be reintegrated back into society, it is essentially the support of intelligently concerned individuals like Harry -- ahead of legislation and social policies -- that will plant a seed of hope and a will to lead a conscientious life in those that have been pulled into a vortex of violence and aggression.
The departure of US troops and planes from remote Kyrgyzstan will not be missed -- except for the hole it leaves in the already penurious Kyrgyz government's budget and foreign currency reserves.
Experts feel that without government subsidies or an incentive program, Chinese consumers, notoriously penurious and concerned about saving money to buy homes or put towards their retirement, are not likely to go on an auto buying spree any time soon.
David Worthington has established that many of the newcomers were from the penurious Highlands, although, until recently, scholars had erroneously assumed the eastern shores as their primary domicile (102).
The penurious pair provided patients with meds for schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, anxiety, insomnia, and other illnesses.
Everyday calamities were ascribed to the sinister workings of the Adversary and his largely penurious minions, who confessed they had been offered anything they wished for.