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Revenge, a Minister of the Crown saying he could put 8,000 families into penury not because of some good reason, but because you lot did it to my steel workers so I am going to do it to you lot too.
Women who've been dumped on, abandoned by feckless men and left to bring up a child in penury.
Quite clearly Dr Lloyd and his like would willingly impose upon Wales the risk of penury and the misery of ever spiralling debt, for that is the likely price of independence.
And now, to follow six months that Disney could be forgiven for wanting to forget, this month brought a copyright claim from the descendants of a Zulu songwriter who died in penury in 1962.
It is politically advantageous for the Palestinian authority to create and maintain penury in Gaza, as evidenced by the misguided opinions of your correspondents.
But more has to be done to ensure that no one is condemned to a retirement of penury.
With increases in gas, electricity, council tax, public transport and now water the low paid are left in penury.
The Iraqi people who were reduced to poverty and to penury by Saddam and his sons, they desire no more than to live in peace, to develop their nation's wealth and to put freedom in the place of dictatorship.
Penury forces him to run a students' dorm, leaving him with even more sleepless nights than he is used to.
You'd think that if he'd had inside knowledge, the miners and their families would not have had to endure a year of struggle and deprivation, ending in penury for many and the devastation of the union.
While the high income directors would presumably still retain enough to avoid the necessity of busking outside the Royal Opera House in Covent Garden, London, to avoid penury.
Despite paying premiums totalling pounds 8bn, three million out of seven million women pensioners throughout the UK face penury after opting for the reduced rate ``married woman's stamp'' National Insurance contributions in the 1960s and 1970s.