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A condition of enforced servitude by which a person is restrained of his or her liberty and compelled to labor in payment of some debt or obligation.


Involuntary Servitude.

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Peon also mentioned Fondo Accion, a joint project of the InterAmerican Development Bank (www.
When we recall that the bodies of murdered debt peons were found in Middle Georgia's Alcovy, South, and Yellow Rivers, the "poor rivers" in Toomer's recast spiritual become suggestively unmetaphorical.
Peon, the marketing chief, hammers home a simple message: Keep costs down, grow with the demand that's out there.
Tender notice number : SE/WRD/T-102/2015-16/OUTSOURCE PEON
Peon joined BellSouth International in 1987 and served as vice president - business development, and president - Latin America operations prior to assuming the role of president - Brazil operations.
In his new position, Peon will continue to guide BellSouth's existing cellular investments in Brazil by taking a position on BCP's board of directors.
The court also awarded oneyear jail term to Shiv Mahato, a peon of the school, who had accepted the bribe on behalf of principal R.
Committee said that in any department a peon cannot recruited by violating rules and procedures but officers in OGDCL recruited without any advertisement.
Digital technology offers our subscribers in Israel high voice quality, reliable service, and access to advanced calling features," said Roberto Peon, president, Latin America/Middle East, for BellSouth International, one of four partners in the CellCom Israel consortium.
Tenders are invited for Services Of Peon From 01 Jul 2015 To 30 Jun 2016
But the RBI did allow the bank to make payments on the fixed deposits upon maturity while it was also allowed to recover outstanding loans from its clients, said Kailash Chandra Vijayvargiya, the peon at the Kekri branch of the bank.