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But Irish drug expert Dr Thomas Connor claimed pep pills are extremely dangerous.
I do, clearly, and there is an account of it in my autobiography in which I reveal that three other Scotland players were on the same pep pills that got Willie sent home from the World Cup.
To that end, its clever little personality quiz pits an individual against his or her dog, asking, among other things, whether you or your dog are more joyfully able to live without pep pills, cigarettes or liquor.
The top shelf of clubhouse lockers used by Enos Slaughter and Pete Rose, for instance, were seen to contain alleged bottles of vitamins or what were then called pep pills, stimulants that helped a player perform at a high level.
The website was set up by the makers of Pro Plus pep pills, who commissioned Awake to devise the formula.
Vitamins are not pep pills (they have no caloric value of their own), food substitutes (they cannot be assimilated without ingesting food), or structural components; nor do they contribute substantially to body mass.
Instead, they drink strong coffee or pop pep pills to stay awake.