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What will sixty-five per cent of the gate receipts be?
Ten or twelve per cent, Bob says, after expenses are paid.
You can't get more than five per cent with security.
and the Directors have every reason to believe that ten per cent.
Of course we can't afford to take these structures down under a bonus of five hundred per cent upon the prime cost of our lot and plaster.
The commission is usually one and a half; will you have two -- three -- five per cent, or even more?
Why, from the pleasant and businesslike manner in which the transaction is carried out, it might be a large purchase in the three per cents.
The 100 index is 16 per cent above its 52-week low of 37,736.
28 per cent admit to rushing if they're running late for work 2.
1 per cent of household waste being recycled, reused or composted.
5 per cent trust rating overall, a survey conducted by the Jordan Media Institute, a non-profit educational entity focusing on journalism, has revealed.
Social media is the most ubiquitous platform for these portals, where Twitter is used by around 88 per cent, Facebook by almost 80 per cent and YouTube by 63 per cent, revealed the Digital Media Index report for the first quarter of 2017.