perceive differences

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Just as the sun and moon mirror each other in such a world, so Armageddon's threat brings with it sage reflections on how humans think, believe, and perceive differences between heaven and earth.
Consumers do perceive differences in bending modulus as related to thickness.
Citizens who use more than one hospital quickly perceive differences in charging schemes.
Wit consists in the ability to perceive differences in what is similar
If buyers perceive differences on this global evaluation between male and female sellers, the differences are likely to be fairly important.
Napolitano's analysis also explores discusses how differences among various medical practices associated with medicina popular (popular medicine) and medicina alternativa (alternative medicine) can be similarly blurred when patients perceive differences between medicina popular, treatment by a curandero (healer), and homeopathy in relation to methods and styles of curing rather than etiological systems.
Most medications approved for depression are considered roughly equivalent in efficacy but surveys suggest that psychiatrists generally perceive differences among them, with often idiosyncratic views derived from personal experience, marketing strategies, or word of mouth.
Completing the section is a feature by clinical psychologist Lawrence Kutner on how kids perceive differences and how parents can help children see beyond cultural stereotypes.
Except for mino rities, the respondents did not perceive differences in health care discrimination.
In some ways, it's easy to see why customers don't always perceive differences in support performance.
Results show that 19% of the respondents feel there are no differences, but 81% perceive differences in gender.
However, respondents did perceive differences in the orientations of the AICPA and the state societies.