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Perceiver expectations: Perceivers interpret targets' behaviours to be consistent with their prior expectations.
The constituent and constitutive noise dissolves the boundary between Marlene the perceiver and the other woman as perceived.
Signs used in communication processes ought to be known by the perceiver to internalize and abstract the concepts embedded in the medium.
The more message perceivers elaborate on health messages, the more effective the messages are (Keller and Block 1996).
Apart from the fact that the two main perception modalities share a number of characteristics--such as the ability to focus on the stimuli and to cover a large distance between the perceiver and the stimuli (cf.
It appeals at estranging the work of art as well as its surroundings, and thus activating and involving the perceiver.
With Sheer Fiction complete, however, and The Shadow Factory, his "aphasic memoir," on the way, we can rest assured that the world, and the word, are for the moment safe in the hands of their champion perceiver.
Perception indexes measure perceptions--they tell you more about the perceiver than about the subject of the perception.
In the first case, the narrator is the perceiver and the character's mind is perceived.
The point of departure for the enactive approach is the study of how the perceiver can guide his actions in his local situation.
be aware of the role of an artist as a good perceiver.