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2008), yet perceiver intent has not been of experimental interest using SNS thus far.
And, as I will demonstrate, Mac Low's work also works through how artistic practice can be an activist practice that enables its producers and perceivers to come closer to that anarchist utopia.
Thus, our approach to perspective taking involves an analysis of the complex history between the perceiver and target, including a consideration of the duration and quality of that history.
Perceiver expectations: Perceivers interpret targets' behaviours to be consistent with their prior expectations.
The constituent and constitutive noise dissolves the boundary between Marlene the perceiver and the other woman as perceived.
It is the high demands that addressing contributory injustice places on a perceiver that render it a form of epistemic bad luck according to Fricker's account of epistemic injustice.
Signs used in communication processes ought to be known by the perceiver to internalize and abstract the concepts embedded in the medium.
The second hypothesis of our study (that victim blaming and exoneration of the perpetrator would be greater the higher the perceiver's degree of sexism--especially hostile sexism--and the more the perceiver believed in a just world) was confirmed by the data: Hostile Sexism and Belief in a Just World (but no Benevolent Sexism) were significantly related to victim blaming and exonerating the aggressor.
Significant advertising research on self-referencing also reveals that when ad perceivers are encouraged to relate the advertising messages to themselves, the persuasive effects of the ad increase (Debevec and Iyer 1988).
According] to Sosa, both the kaleidoscope perceiver and the ordinary perceiver have [animal knowledge, apt belief] that p, because the object-level beliefs of both fulfill the two parts of the [following condition]:
Because the warmth dimension is the primary dimension associated with judgments about the approachability and friendliness of the target group one would expect the level of warmth of the stereotype will be a good predictor of how a perceiver will gravitate toward a member of the target group in an interpersonal situation.
Echolocation is the process of obtaining information about the animal environment system from relations between a pulse, a perceiver-generated wave front coming directly to the perceiver ear from its source, and its echo, that same sound arriving at the ear after reflection from the object or surface.