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2007; Lunde & Grottum, 1984), we reasoned that greater female pubic hair expanse might function as a visual heuristic indicative of possible female infertility among male perceivers.
The perceiver does not infer the moral property from the non-normative base properties with the aid of the felt sense of connection, but rather, sees the moral property in virtue of the felt sense of connection.
With negative expectations, perceivers worry about the target's next course of actions and try to protect themselves from potential risk and vulnerability.
Pointing out that cinema requires from the perceiver only short-term memory and novels enable readers to return to previous pages, he delineates the constraints particular to television serials: the need simultaneously to remind viewers of information presented in previous episodes and to provide information for viewers who have not seen previous episodes while avoiding redundancy for those who have.
The metaphor of noise as an illness is ubiquitous; both the perceiver and the percept are infected.
1970: Gallup begins certifying administrators {to use Teacher Perceivers, 'from 1970-2001, 50,000 achieve certification
His creative process is thereby exteriorized and opened to the public and his gigantic sculptures welcome and embrace the perceivers.
Significant advertising research on self-referencing also reveals that when ad perceivers are encouraged to relate the advertising messages to themselves, the persuasive effects of the ad increase (Debevec and Iyer 1988).
Speech perception in perceivers with hearing loss: Synergy of multiple modalities.
Perceivers (P) live spontaneously and are open to new ideas (1,2).
the traffic-and-water recording turning the beams into headlights or lighthouses--depends on individual perceivers.
Number of cases % Relatives 155 46 Close friends 27 8 Coworkers 9 3 Acquaintances 45 13 Strangers 100 30 TABLE 4 COMPARISON OF CAUSES OF DEATH OF 267 PERSONS WHO APPEARED TO OUR PERCEIVERS Cause Population of death N Apparitions 1951-1970 Disease 187 70.