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And, as I will demonstrate, Mac Low's work also works through how artistic practice can be an activist practice that enables its producers and perceivers to come closer to that anarchist utopia.
Perceiver expectations: Perceivers interpret targets' behaviours to be consistent with their prior expectations.
The machine serves Noon well; it opens a stimulating passage examining the correlation between the infected perceiver and the phenomenological object.
38) Contributory injustice occurs because there are different hermeneutical resources that the perceiver could utilize besides structurally prejudiced hermeneutical resources, and the perceiver willfully refuses "to acknowledge and acquire the necessary tools for knowing whole parts of the world.
This shared intersubjective knowledge does not need to be verbalized, since artists understand the creative processes of other artists and the sensorial experiences of perceivers.
Yet, these attitudes elicit a positive affective tone in the perceiver and tend to lead to behavior that is typically categorized as prosocial (e.
The more message perceivers elaborate on health messages, the more effective the messages are (Keller and Block 1996).
McTaggart's criticism of the proponent of the A-series alleges that defining the present in a way that makes it relative to particular perceivers would exclude it from possibly being offered as picking out an objective feature of reality.
Our kaleidoscope perceiver, in Lecture 2, is a case in point.
They note that not all stereotypes of outgroups are alike, with different groups eliciting different types of responses from perceivers.
The perceiver can look at art intellectually or emotionally to satisfy a particular need, but by looking at art aesthetically she or he will create an experience that is new.