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Shade perceptibility was determined on the basis of the final score obtained, which was correlated to clinical experi- ence of the participants and also to shade selection education and training received.
The confrontation between the part with no part and the consensual order (via a good of a wrong) can only occur when there is an interruption in the seamless transmission of perceptibility that is the veritable glue (or better, duct tape) of the given symbolic order.
If performance hall acoustics are improved, however, so that the threshold of single voice perceptibility is lowered, the gradual addition and subtraction of voices may be a useful strategy.
The phonology of perceptibility effects: the P-map and its consequences for constraint organization.
fL] the intrinsic visibility or perceptibility (by policy-intended or legal consumer) factor of benefit of public expenditure, E, of type f performed by level, L, of territorial public administrations, where 0 [less than or equal to] [[y.
The participant who failed to detect any change in the perceptibility of rolling flicker (MJ) also showed the smallest adaptation effect.
As stated earlier, the notion of political agency recedes into obscurity within an analytical framework that primarily examines writing as the locus of an irremediable tension between the aesthetic perceptibility and the ethical representability of freedom (pp140-141).
In this context, feminism, often employing semiotics and psychoanalysis, enabled us to see what formerly was (or still is) eclipsed: what does not align with that which is considered important at the moment, or which has different conditions of perceptibility.
The importance of the concept of fabula, then, is its direct link to rhetorical perceptibility, above and beyond issues of representational coherence: it is an interpretative exercise in establishing representational coherence only as a means to the end of this perceptibility.
iL] is the visibility or perceptibility (for the policy-intended or legal revenue provider) factor of burden of public revenue R of type i to which level L of territorial public administrations is entitled, where 0 [less than or equal to] [[y.
A conceivable reading of the "argument" of this book might run: The fiction is the sound of the city decaying, imperceptibly, perceptibility.
Taken still more broadly, it invests all music, given the intricacies of the physical nature of sound, the social contexts of musical production, and so on; but I distinguish here between musics that seek to explore and amplify their own complex nature and those that subdue that multiplicity in the interest of, for example, "communicative immediacy" or unambiguous formal perceptibility.