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15 for gears one to nine enables a clearly perceptible reduction in engine speed and is a decisive factor behind the high level of energy efficiency and ride comfort.
Railfuture spokesman Bruce Williamson said: "Yet again, rail fares go up with no perceptible improvement in service.
The new IC realizes this by utilizing a high-speed 800Mbps physical layer(2) as well as Fujitsu's proprietary SmartCODEC that provides high compression and which can transmit HD video without perceptible lag.
The ProXenon Surgical Headlight is smaller than most on the market, making it less perceptible to the surgeon, reducing fatigue and making the device easier to place between surgical loupes.
Concentrating on the image, aesthetics, and the discipline of art history, Lang follows the arc of theory from chaos--a jumble or aggregate of sensuous impressions--to cosmos--the rendering of perceptible and intellectual data into form and system.
IIB reported that there was a perceptible reluctance on the part of consumers to buy durables.
By the book's conclusion, however, his angry tone--if not his position--has undergone a perceptible shift.
But at the October AFF meeting, I notice a perceptible shift in mood--due, of course, to the specter of the November elections.
Any perceptible vibration is virtually eliminated while end milling or profile milling with overhangs up to seven times diameter.
And now it seems that someone--most likely the dimly-seen but perceptible power elite that presides over practically all national governments, just as the Mafia Commission ruled the constituent "families" of La Cosa Nostra--has pulled the chain on Milosevic.
He replaces perceptible emotion with painterly absorption in the intricacies of their physical features, making them perhaps more memorable as images than they are as real individuals.