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The Gulf funds' net profit booking weakened perceptibly to QR4.
Each is painstakingly re-created, as close to their real-world counterparts as gaming has yet managed, and they all handle with perceptibly different nuances for each individual vehicle.
As the conversation with the six students progressed, the mood in the room turned perceptibly from celebratory to reflective and downcast.
Putin is, I believe, not currently intent on regaining lost power and in"uence across the former Soviet Union but this could change because the psychological atmosphere has changed perceptibly.
And I'm afraid we will see them becoming more visible as Parliament perceptibly turns into a machine that enacts laws successively in accordance with the wishes of one man in power.
By the early decades of the eighteenth century the trade had been radically transformed: it was national in character, better organized and perceptibly 'modern' in its structure.
Now producing everything from carpets, bathrobes and linen to throws and poufs, the home collection is large yet each item is perceptibly Missoni.
Due to a cold, Patricia Ciofi strained perceptibly as Amanaide through Act I, hut progressively took command in Act II.
Demand from domestic customers in particular, he adds, has picked up perceptibly, whereas demand from abroad has slid into minus territory.
Following significant decline during the first part of the review period, the decline came to a halt in 2012 although sales started increasing perceptibly only in 2013.
The tone of the work is perceptibly dated, with a combination of narrative and personal opinion accompanying the data and theory that would be unusual in a modern pedagogical method text.
An elder from Zurmat, Abdur Rahman, said: "There has been talks of uplift schemes over the past few months, but we have seen nothing so far on the ground that could perceptibly change our lives.