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Besides, the subordinate's performance was evaluated both by the subordinate and his/her leader to eliminate biases regarding perceptional differences.
This summer, he began probing the officers' perceptional abilities, using souped-up versions of standard face recognition tests to see how well these super recognizers discriminate between similar faces.
The following perceptional attitudinal related hypotheses are developed:
The fact is that photographs and photograms exist in different perceptional spaces.
These literatures signified that women's role in economic development and also the differences in terms of career paths which may be due to the perceptional aspects with respect to gender differences.
However, digital resources also pose human, social and technological problems, such as discomfiture in reading on the screen, problems in internet access and speed, poor infrastructure, lack of sufficient skills to use the digital resources, and perceptional change resulting from right to use rather than physical possession (Chauhan, 2004) etc.
Another perceptional factor that influences people's assessments of new products with uncertain properties is hindsight bias, which is the courtroom counterpart of Monday morning quarterbacking.
By understanding the problem, managers may seek better understanding of the limits of their cognitive biases and devise policies and practices to widen their perceptional base.
Survey results can make an institution aware that there is, or may be, an actual or perceptional problem.
Singh attributed such trespasses to perceptional differences over the LAC between India and China.
However, in modern Ingrian, there is another perceptional cue that distinguishes short and long vowels in the second syllable.

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