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We considered archival data together with perceptional measures to reduce the potential common source bias.
The final two columns are linear probability models estimated using seemingly unrelated regressions to account for the potential correlation of the errors in these perceptional equations.
The Borg's Scale of perceptional dyspnea score showed a persistent significant improvement at each time point throughout the 24 h time period.
With the conceptual understanding of how the HCL color model works and the guidelines shown above we can now discuss some common meteorological products and plot types to demonstrate the benefits of a more perceptional color concept.
E-Government Adoption: A Digital Divide Perceptional View.
Governments try to focus on the capacity of infrastructure and knowledge and skills required to use the Internet and thus the e-government portal, neglecting the perceptional divide.
Refusing to disclose details of the standoff during Xi's visit last month, Goswami said incursions by China take place due to the " perceptional difference vis- a- vis each other's territories".
The six perceptional factors represent around 79 percent of total variance which is very significant and the remaining variance is explained by other factors.
Luhman observes that "communication must be highly conspicuous in the perceptional field if it is to be perceived at all.
In perceptional terms, the image could cost him and the Congress the people's goodwill they need to bounce back.
The biggest lessons these elections have given us is that if you do not address the perceptional issues fast then you are decimated.
It is interesting to note that more objective predictors, such as experience and class size, were not statistically significant predictors in the model (see Table 3), which also may support the importance of understanding the perceptional nature of stress by addressing individual teacher perceptions.

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