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Developed by PAREXEL Informatics, the Perceptive MyTrials[sup.
Datawatch and Perceptive will work together to market and sell the combined solution globally.
PAREXEL, PAREXEL Informatics, Perceptive, Perceptive MyTrials, Perceptive Informatics, and "Your Journey.
Perceptive Analytics' proposal was considered superior due primarily to their experience in successfully completing similar projects and the comprehensiveness of the proposed approach," CLASP said in its bid review announcing its selection of Perceptive Analytics's bid for this project.
Perceptive Intelligent Capture, powered by Brainware, eliminates manual data entry from the accounts payable process, shortening cycle times and improving accuracy while freeing up personnel to focus on more strategic or mission-critical activities.
Perceptive Software believes process and content automation solutions delivered via the cloud play a key role in driving this transformation," says Lynne Wilson, vice president of cloud solutions for Perceptive.
The eClinical Suite from Perceptive Informatics represents a new level of integration and a dramatic shift in the way technologies can be used to streamline workflow while facilitating effective trial management.
2 greatly reduces integration complexities by enhancing Perceptive Software's patented, non-programmatic integration technology and by providing automated back-end integration capabilities.
But what he does, he does well, providing the reader with a perceptive appreciation of the intertextual complexity of a work which is at once profoundly religious and poetically sound.
Bokenkotter does us a modest service in bringing these figures together within a single volume, but the task of demonstrating precisely how Catholic social principles have been institutionalized within key historical contexts still awaits a more perceptive analysis.
Alan Gallay's thorough and perceptive biography of Jonathan Bryan makes a significant contribution to the growing body of innovative scholarship on the early American frontier.
NEW YORK -- Perceptive Pixel, the leading developer of advanced multi-touch solutions, today unveiled the world's first professional multi-touch desktop display, a high-resolution, optically-bonded, projected capacitive 27" LCD display at Display Week 2011.