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Based on these results, the experimental program consisted in driving tests carried out by a sample of 93 drivers for the absolute perceptivity and 47 drivers for the relative perceptivity.
From this I can isolate three critical elements of Bakhtin's thought which might underpin the artist's book's theoretical act of enunciation: self-consciousness, discursive perceptivity and self-reflexivity (or bookness).
Here is a puzzle that tests perceptivity rather than knowledge.
It is where technology-driven ideas are born and developed, drawing on the creativity and perceptivity of the participants (cf.
Its author systematically sets forth, in prose poetic for its simplicity, the crucial findings of linguistics up to that time, with a perceptivity and realism derived from his own wide experience, monitored throughout by a reverent respect for his predecessors and an intimate knowledge of their achievements.
This paper bears the title 'Objections against the Perceptivity of Plants, so far as is evinced by their external Motions, in Answer to Dr Percival's Memoir in the Manchester Transactions'.
Controversies in the 1920s and 1930s about adult and working-class education and its relationship to democratic society are also outlined with Cuddy-Keane's characteristic rigour and perceptivity.
To stimulate the judge's perceptivity, invocation must be made to common sense, ideals, predelictions, and vanity.
The energy that flows from the spiritual understanding of life is what gives leaders courage, decisiveness, inventiveness, calmness, confidence, curiosity, perceptivity, receptivity, and loyalty.
Described as a cross between Eddie Izzard and Hunter S Thompson, Revell's book may have picked up a bit of Thompson's jaundiced view of life, but lacks both the American writer's perceptivity or the British comic's brilliantly off-beam sense of humour.
Her perceptivity suggests a creative spectrum across activities that we often tend to categorize arbitrarily: artistry versus criticism; those who act versus those who react.