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Which perceptual and neural processes are affected in the multisensory deficits seen in autistic individuals or the elderly?
About Perceptual Networks: Perceptual Networks is a technology company founded by Jim Young, founder of HotOrNot and I/O Ventures, and serial entrepreneur Cheyenne Ehrlich.
SoftKinetic is a leader in the field of 3D gesture recognition who is helping make our vision of natural, interactive user experiences a reality," said Mark Yahiro, Managing Director of New Business, Perceptual Computing at Intel.
The research showed that for individuals diagnosed with the perceptual processing problem known as Irlen Syndrome, Irlen Spectral Filters resulted in significant improvement for at least two-thirds of individuals in all areas assessed.
Hence the aim of this study is to investigate the discriminative validity of these three visual perceptual tests.
The improved performance from perceptual training was maintained for at least three months.
Perceptual motor programs (PMPs) that engage students in a variety of physical activities and exercises aimed at improving perception and gross and fine motor skills continue to be employed in Australian schools.
Bech and Zacharov, with a Danish and a Finnish company respectively but both having served academic time, compile the basic information that has been developed in several scientific fields for the benefit of professional and engineers in the audio industry, researchers, and students who are conducting a perceptual evaluation of audio quality.
This book focuses on the role of sensory perceptual problems in autism as identified by autistic individuals themselves.
This new BMI is based on a theory developed by Yukiyasu Kamitani at ATR, which was initially published under the title of "Decoding the Perceptual and Subjective Contents of the Human Brain" in the May 2005 issue of Nature Neuroscience.
The rate of synaptic losses and gains on these axons probably rises further as adult monkeys learn various perceptual tasks, the scientists propose.
Rather, a number of overlapping connections held the show together as Artschwager recycled from his archival treasure trove, often redeploying materials and motifs as sly sight gags and perceptual bluffs.