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I have a love for percussion both traditional and unconventional, and I love that Stephen wants this to be upbeat and energetic
Percussion CM1 Version 2 is built upon the same server architecture as Percussion's CM System and features numerous advancements that enable the product to scale to meet the requirements of larger sites with more users.
It touches on almost every aspect of percussion instruments and their history that is important for each young, educated percussionist to know.
IN TIME: The newly formed Percussion X at Mount Methodist Church
Next year's camp will feature the percussion sensation Jesus Diaz and the legendary Alex Acuna.
On the program will be seven modern works, featuring more than 140 classical and indigenous ethnic percussion instruments.
Percussion will provide RetrievalWare to Rhythmyx delivery environments starting immediately.
After conducting a thorough evaluation of the leading content management solutions, there was no doubt that the clear choice for Lockwood Financial was Percussion Software's Rhythmyx V4.
Interestingly, all of the works generally considered to be the "highest" forms of music-- the compositions of Bach and Handel, and other great oratorios like Mendelssohn's Elijah, make little if any use of percussion instruments.
This modern design improves on the sidelock percussion and is the choice of most hunters today.
A quintet led by percussion impresario Terry, Crosspulse incorporated African, Cuban, Indonesian, Indian, and South American rhythms.