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com, The Motley Fool and BabyCenter - have already built or are in the process of building out fully dynamic personalization systems," said Vern Imrich, CTO at Percussion.
A major change involves the appointment of a percussion facilitator who will assist the director of competitions with the implementation process.
Composer Gabriela Ortiz wrote the percussion piece ``Altar de Piedra'' based on a 1953 Cuban novel.
We offer this list not just to recognize companies like Percussion Software that lead our industry, but also to inspire organizations of all kinds to join in the content conversation online.
The footwork required to execute the pitch changes surpasses that required to perform the Bartok Sonata for Two Pianos and Percussion and any of the Delecluse timpani etudes.
3 -- color) Casey Hebebrand, left, and Ivy Cameron, both 9, dance to the beat of their own music-making in a demonstration of percussion instruments from the Castaic-based Remo manufacturer.
Many details were considered, including the number of MTNA members who list percussion as their primary teaching area to the number of entrants in the MTNA competitions, the number of other percussion competitions in the United States, the cost of the MTNA competitions and the number of entrants in the MTNA competitions.
The quartet's visit was arranged by Remo International and the group is funded by grants from the Percussion Marketing Council to encourage student involvement in music and arts while increasing awareness of other cultures.
We have been working closely with NavigationArts for nearly two years and our joint customers have seen the fruits of our partnership," said Percussion CEO Barry Reynolds.
Michael Sayers studies percussion with Beth Gottlieb and piano with his mother, Pati Sayers.
The product of four years of precision work (he spent 2-1/2 weeks just preparing a piano with small percussive objects for the album's tribute to John Cage), ``Mickey Hart's Mystery Box'' (Rykodisc) offers a mix of world percussion and soulful pop vocals.
BGT Partners, a global interactive marketing services firm announced today the selection of Percussion, a leading developer of web content management (WCM) software, as a strategic business partner.