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18 ( ANI ): The Vayali Folklore Troupe enthralled an audience here by performing near-extinct original folk songs on handmade bamboo percussion instruments.
The Munich Percussion Ensemble, founded and led by Egyptian conductor Adel Shalaby, brings a variety of percussion instruments to the forefront of classical music and uses them to bring unique interpretations of classical, Arabic, jazz, and other genres of music to their audiences.
Now he plays the full range of percussion instruments including melodic ones such as the marimba and xylophone.
The record of playing a percussion instrument non-stop for 301 hours belongs to Kujhalmannan G Ramkrishnana of Kerala, who played Mridang (another traditional south Indian instrument).
The introduction of percussion instruments into the British military definitively altered its music.
It features steel legs that can be hit and act as a percussion instrument and wooden wings that double as a xylophone.
Terry's hambone slapping style, a technique in which he uses his body as a percussion instrument, was delightful.
Young musicians in grades 7 through 9 who play a string, wind or percussion instrument are eligible to audition for the orchestra.
At left, Aarushi Arenja of Calabasas plays an Indian percussion instrument at Saturday's festival.
Greenwood, the group's ``guitar hero,'' often uses the thing as a percussion instrument.
Drumkit: a range of percussion instruments including snare and bass drums, cymbals, even electro drums.
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