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They are both becoming more adept and skillful at drawing distinctions in a land devastated not only of its material wealth but plundered of its rectitude, a rectitude, the novel shows us, that had been pretty much a sham to begin with, less a perdurable body of sacrosanct convictions than a stratagem taken on to preserve a gaudy, wealthy, and untenable way of life.
Butterfly, David Henry Hwang describes the importance of addressing cliched plots and perdurable stereotypes, stating that in order to "set pen to paper" he had to "break the back of the story" (95).
Every anchoritic rule -- as, indeed, every anchoritic life -- must happen upon this perdurable fact at some point, but it is the particular richness of Ancrene Wisse's bodily forms and understandings that it should discover it so fully, at so many levels, and that it should also propose some sort of solution to the intractable dilemma.
Yet within this perdurable environment important change transpired, much of it wrought by the complex reordering of religion (the Great Awakening), the economy (commercial expansion), and especially politics (the Revolution).
Russianness" thus became, by dint of massive and perdurable journalistic activity, the normative criterion for judging the worthiness of music by Russian composers.
And then the lawyers usually look at me and turn away with empty eyes, most having never seen a steer try, most, as a matter of fact, not readily calling to mind the perdurable difference between a bull and a steer.
In preliminary fashion, this essay seeks to bridge these gaps in the history of French mentalities by presenting a concerted study of indigenous folk magics and perdurable anticlerical attitudes characterizing the residents of La Rochelle and its hinterland, key actors embroiled in this important theater of the French Reformation.
Both state and religion are constants which seek to maintain a stable and perdurable identity of a civilization.
Suspenso" deals with the poet's search for immortality in a humorous fashion: "Cuando muera / quiero quedar / momificada / envuelta en / cientos de / yardas de / palabras / quedar con el alma intacta / suspendida en / el tiempo / en un libro / perdurable.
In times given to quick abandonment of one breathlessly told headline story after another, from a flood in Bangladesh to the latest shenanigans of some television evangelist, constant recurrence to perdurable truth can produce irritated yawns.
Como si el terror, el hambre y el frio hubiesen dejado en esa poesia--y en sus forjadores, naturalmente--una huella perdurable, honda" (10).
While all concur in establishing the overriding concerns of her poetry, including configurations of space, forms of cloistered identity, translation, and the blurred lines between the sacred and the profane, and its characteristic tropes, such as the house with its mysterious recesses and ambit, the journey, the nun, the ocean and its depths, the accomplishment of an impossible task, the haunting and perdurable traces of lost friends or of subaltern selves, no single critical consensus emerges in the explorations undertaken here.