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An institution recognized by cineastes the world over, this great cinematic institution has always worked hard to assure its perenniality.
In this connection, Ennaceur laid emphasis on the responsibility falling on the President of the Republic in securing the unity and perenniality of the State.
Wild relatives possess great genetic diversity, including tolerance to abiotic stresses, perenniality and disease resistance.
vesiculosus because of its perenniality, the negative effects of herbivores would most likely occur both in a low and a high nutrient environment.
He graphically depicts the perenniality of twos in the drawing sent to Milena, of "the 'delinquent' drawn and quartered between two poles and torn apart in the middle and the inventor giving himself airs as though the whole thing were his original invention, whereas he has only copied the butcher who stretches the disemboweled pig in his shop-front" (Letters 204-5).
However, little definitive information is available on different pasture types, species associations, or degree of perenniality and their relationship with SOC stocks in low to moderate rainfall zones.
But the current barren land-scape would greatly benefit by patches of perenniality that will also provide food and income.
Unstable normatizations make the implementation of innovative solutions be constantly accompanied of caution and researches on viability and perenniality.
Let us take Lebanon for instance, where the democratic experience, after the latest elections, is going through a difficult trial for domestic, regional and international reasons, and where the forces of moderation are being methodically undermined at the hands of the forces of defiance and the forces of extremism, with the contribution of US policy which lacks rigor, perenniality and perhaps even competence.
My colleague Lee DeHaan has shown how plant breeding in a wide range of seed-producing species and interspecies hybrids can increase seed yield while maintaining perenniality (12).
Their focus on the prescriptive part of the story allows them a clarity and a mordant marking of the perenniality of parental perplexities that Stearns never attains.