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The program that perennially churns out quality pitchers has another solid season on the mound.
THE perennially slumbering giants are currently three points ahead of Sky Blues and, as one would expect from a side managed by Mick McCarthy, are not prone to giving away cheap goals (four of the 10 they have conceded this term came on one disastrous afternoon against Cardiff City).
Quite what the perennially grumpy Chief Inspector Morse would have said about having a blue heritage plaque in his honour placed on the wall of Oxford's St Aldate's police station is best left to the imagination.
Ill be the first to admit that I'd like to see the last episode (May 18) end with the perennially frustrated Will cruising a seedy leather bar and leaving at 3 A.
Despite the perennially hot-button subject matter, the work reveals a quieter Durant than the one to whom we are accustomed: Formal allusions are more contained than usual and pop-cultural references all but absent, and Durant looks the stronger for it.
Should the government fall and an election be held, and the Conservative Party of Canada win that would likely signal trouble for the perennially precarious Canadian film industry, given the avowedly U.
Of the 57 different industries that hold yearly events in order to raise money for the Boy Scouts, the construction industry, which held its annual fundraising luncheon for the over 122K scouts in New York City on April 11 at the New York Hilton, perennially has been a leading contributor.
Elsewhere, similar measures are being taken against both the pleasingly plump and the perennially ill, on the assumption that their lifestyles, bad habits or outright vices are jacking up health care costs.
Those who feel that racing should distant itself from this increasingly messy issue should note that many of those who campaigned for a hunting ban are part of what one American writer called the Perennially Indignant.
When it comes to investing in Latin America's perennially underdeveloped air market, the sky's usually the limit.
The perennially reinvigorated Gonz is pursuing Set Straight, the new Krooked video, with a vengeance.
What all other perennially successful economies in the world share with the United States, which allows them to adapt to changes in the global economy with a greater speed and resilience, is not luck.