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Manama, Nov 24 (BNA): The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of Bahrain condemns the perfidious terrorist explosion that targeted a bus carrying members of the presidential guards of the brotherly Republic of Tunisia, affirming Bahrain's unwavering support for the efforts being exerted by the Republic of Tunisia to combat terrorism and maintain security and stability on all its territories.
PERSUADED by the pernicious and perfidious TV programmes of Jeremy Kyle and Benefits Street, especially fabricated to produce such a result, a few million working class citizens voted Conservative at the last election to express their hatred for the underclass, and then they were astonished to discover that a Tory Government was determined to attack their living standards as well.
Forget British values, this is perfidious Albion that now looks to eliminate the horrors being suffered by a bombing campaign to match that of the man "killing his own people".
Francis Thompson, the Yorkshireman used by Cecil Rhodes to trick Lobengula to hand over his kingdom to the Perfidious Albion in 1888, records in his half-finished book (which his daughter completed and published in 1936; Thompson died in 1927) that the huge disagreement within the Ndebele royal family was about which of two candidates--Lobengula and Nkulumani, both sons of the recently deceased King Mzilikazi--should ascend the throne.
The minister denounced the killing of al-Khaldi, describing it as an intentional perfidious murder committed in hatred.
There is a subtle and perfidious resistance of the government and those having amassed fortunes in the period of transition to the EU membership because once we open membership negotiations, we will have to fulfill the tasks of Chapter 23, which require of us as a state to deal with the transition period crime and the atrocities against humanity of 2001--something which Croatia is currently going through, says Mitko Jovanov in Sloboden pecat.
The involvement of the so-called institute "Constitutional Appeal" is mentioned in the announced constitutional changes, which in a perfidious wav, envisages the international arbitrage to be blocked, such as the court in Strasbourg.
I can't help but speculate on what disguise I would wear if I was paying a nocturnal to the Elysee Palace for a assignation with the spurned French first lady (a lover from Perfidious Albion would make the revenge all the sweeter).
Such perfidious simplifications and one-sided judgments of Israel poison public opinion and have the opposite effect of what is intended," Berger said.
The council members of VMRO-DPMNE stressed at the press conference Saturday that Zernovski is trying to take decisions harmful fo the citizens of Centar in a perfidious way.
Having been honest enough to give a full season's notice of his intention, he endured, with commendable dignity, the cooling of the Kop's ardour and perfidious jibes about his so-called greed.
And do we really need to be reminded of the unctuous Tony Blair delivering to the House of Commons (how uncomfortable the cabinet colleagues flanking him looked) his perfidious speech about Iraq's non-existent weapons of mass destruction?