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On ordinary occasions it might not be exerted with the requisite firmness, and on extraordinary occasions it might be perfidiously abused.
on certain civilian objects that are being used perfidiously by the
Certainly his accusers, those whom he is addressing, have evaluated his conduct and might have expressed it thus: "We should have seen how perfidiously you proceeded--with what sneakiness--with what scheming--with what hypocrisy you went to work
The opinion-shapers perfidiously reduced it to structuralism, which was then running out of steam and scarcely intimidated them any longer.
There is no effort to achieve style or grace, just a half-indignant, half-secretly delighted tone that important people could act so perfidiously.
Razin, however, marches toward his goal perfidiously and deliberately and is prevented in this only through the mechanism of a higher cosmic justice.
For the real "thing about Randow" was that this new communist slate had, in order to make its own authority truly manifest, put him to death perfidiously using the old Nazi law which permitted such punishment for youths who had sinned against the Volk.