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She ate from the tree, but with resistance and dissent, and after being dealt with perfidiously.
She aims to protect her territorial, institutional and national integrity from encroachments by the same West, China, Islamic fundamentalism, her own national minorities, and tries to protect the thirty million Russians perfidiously forsaken in ex-Soviet republics during the impetuous and disorderly disintegration of the USSR.
That containment finally positions queer lesbian Lee along medieval lines, as a "heretic": a person whose very existence is compromised by her refusal or inability to assimilate or adapt to a perfidiously instituted, ubiquitously conceived status quo (see Ames 1-4).
on certain civilian objects that are being used perfidiously by the
Certainly his accusers, those whom he is addressing, have evaluated his conduct and might have expressed it thus: "We should have seen how perfidiously you proceeded--with what sneakiness--with what scheming--with what hypocrisy you went to work