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Doppler localisation of the perforator and meticulous dissection and skeletalisation of the pedicle are essential.
Patients were treated with fasciocutaneous flap (38 cases, 76%), musculocutaneous flap (5 cases, 10%), or perforator flap (7 cases, 14%) (Figure 1-3).
Plastic and reconstructive surgeons explain procedures for perforator flap breast reconstruction.
There was no report describing a large hematoma complicating with CTO PCI, and this case highlights the potentially lethal complication of septal perforator dissection and hematoma that may cause myocardial injury.
The posterior labial arteries and internal pudendal artery perforators (IPAP) were located using a hand-held bidirectional ultrasound Doppler (Hadeco[R] Bidop[TM] ES100V3 with an 8 MHz probe) and identified perforators were marked with a surgical pen (Figure 2).
Local flaps include adiposo-fascial flap, medial planter artery flap, lateral calcaneal artery Flap; perforator based propeller flaps and sural artery flap5.
The propeller flap has two unequal blades with the perforator forming the pivot point so that when the blades are switched, the long arm fills in the defect.
The 180-degree perforator-based propeller flap for soft tissue coverage of the distal, lower extremity: A new method to achieve reliable coverage of the distal lower extremity with a local, fasciocutaneous perforator flap.
50 should read "Also, formaldehyde (methanal [HCHO]) values of the particleboards were determined by the perforator method but not published.
Once the perforator flap is cut, it is than rotated around the identified vascular arteriovenous axis.
Beside the two traysealers Multivac will also be showing a compact R 105 thermoforming machine with perforator for producing equilibrium modified atmosphere packaging (EMAP) packs (Freshsafe concept).
Other features will include KBA's Zip'n'Buy variable perforator for tear-out ads, a gluer and super-panorama production capability.