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106 also states the auditor should perform "risk assessment procedures," a new term, in addition to tests of controls and substantive procedures, collectively called "further audit procedures".
As to Hangarter's level of disability, the court held that there was sufficient evidence for the jury to find that Hangarter was totally disabled even though she made sporadic attempts to perform adjustments, continued to perform clerical duties associated with her practice, and her practice made a profit.
There is no rule on how often a camp should perform a buddy check; however, a systematic procedure should be in place, and the count in the water should match the numbers of participants on the buddy board or the clipboard.
We usually perform 2-3 full-length rolls of the rope.
A more challenging task is the structuring of an arrangement with a former employee to perform specified services.
Practitioners who perform quality assurance activities may receive the "cold shoulder" from their colleagues and could suffer economic consequences.
During the interview phase, the interviewer can ask the applicant whether he/she can perform the specific duties but not ask about the cause, type or extent of the disability or workers' compensation history.
While the functionality to perform deep packet inspection and operation may be common amongst various intelligent switch offerings, the switches typically differ on how fast (latency) they can perform these operations and how many operations they can perform (throughput) within a given period of time.
He and his partner from Ballet West, Pamela Robinson, were rushing from a rehearsal and trying to catch a flight to Mesa, Arizona, to perform The Nutcracker with Ballet Etudes.
If a worker must perform services in the order or sequence set by the person for whom the services are performed, that factor shows the worker is not free to follow his or her own pattern of work but must follow the established routines and schedules of the employer.
We perform a variety of single-leg balancing drills, lasting 15 and 60 seconds per exercise.