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In recent years, many studies have been focused on the performability of MANETs.
Keywords: explicitation, literary genres, performability, shift-aversion, characterization
A student with a strong background in musical performance might be able to build a case for or against its performability.
Sensitivity Analysis of Reliability and Performability Measures for Multiprocessor Systems.
The difference in performability between music and language is finally relative.
27) All three of these performance scenarios seem probable, with the flexibility of the piece being perhaps one of the most telling indications of performability.
ACCORDING to to the latest survey from talent retention specialists Performability Pty Ltd, in a recession many organisations should be having a new onboarding programme.
During the past decade a lot of study has been done on analysis tools [4-7] for reliability, availability, performance and performability modeling.
The reason why songs are no longer sung in multiple rhythmic modes is clearly related to the reason why only one style of dance is used; namely, because this repertory of wangga was established expressly to unite the language groups associated with it, issues of performability overrode all other considerations.
Having focused on the humanist context and performability of Iphigeneia, Straznicky moves on to explore the idea of private and public readerships for Elizabeth Cary's Tragedy of Mariam.
Part of the performability of the monster resided in the mobility visited upon it.

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