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This is ostensibly meant to be addressed in 'Statement of Objects and Reasons' that accompany all pieces of legislation, but undertaken very perfunctorily.
Be it a political government or a military regime, all treated them only perfunctorily and marginally.
At which point the Browns' manager, Zack Taylor, produced Gaedel's valid major league contract, which Veeck had shrewdly filed with the American League office at the end of the day on the previous Friday, knowing it would be perfunctorily approved.
Perfunctorily adhering to an empty negotiating process that will move only when one side gains militarily guarantees that the situation in Syria will worsen.
His appellate lawyers argue in court documents that his trial lawyers offered no witnesses to advocate for a lesser sentence and only perfunctorily questioned the state's witnesses.
Indeed, although the introduction claims that this volume fills a gap in Peter Pan criticism (xiii; xxviii), many of the articles engage--when they do--only perfunctorily with the relatively substantial body of secondary literature on Peter Pan.
At the conclusion of a routine sick visit eight years ago, my son' pediatrician told me my boy had a severe and lifelong neurological disorder by perfunctorily shoving a batch of miscopied articles into my shaking hands, all of which contained the word 'autism' in the titles.
If the Morsy-Obama huddle is perfunctorily put off it means Egypt is in the soup.
A judge is impressed by a senior advocate who may argue the case of his client perfunctorily based on a brief prepared by his junior i.
Despite voluminous submissions made by the industry underlining serious gaps in the TRAI recommendations dated 23-Apr-2012 on 'Auction of Spectrum', which perfunctorily touched upon the issue of 're-farming', it is understood from media reports that the TRAI has now non-transparently shared some further analysis on its earlier recommendations with the DoT without placing it before the industry for their feedback," it added.
The confessional visits to Madame Trebla are now only perfunctorily connected to the narrative, and the mother-daughter bond is but one of several occasionally shifting relationships.
I spent the rest of my childhood and adolescence shut away, perfunctorily seeing doctors and tutors, completely in the power of the Bird.