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Contracts to repair most perimeter control measures will be limited to local vendors.
4, the tailback jab-steps in the opposite direction on the snap--allowing the fullback to get in front of the ball-carrier and to block to the perimeter.
We have a large port complex, with many ways to exit and enter, and ObjectVideo will give us a terrific edge in securing the perimeter," said Hal Hudgins, Vice President of Security at the Port Authority.
McGhee Tyson is taking a multi-layered approach to perimeter security by using redundant security sensors tied together through software from VistaScape," said Tom Aiken, Director of Public Safety for the MKAA.
Additionally, its video tripwire feature enables us to create sophisticated security rules that empowers us to quickly extend or retract perimeter lines to adjust to different MARSEC security conditions.
ObjectVideo's video tripwire technology enables more precise, flexible and invisible security perimeters and raises video event detection to a whole new level," said Alan Lipton, CTO of ObjectVideo.
He recommends that the new problem statement should be as follows: "To protect individual objects of value individually or, more precisely, to contract the protection perimeter to individual data objects.
This performance and form factor make it the ideal solution for protecting the perimeters and data centers of very large enterprises and service providers.
Cisco has added two new comprehensive security design training courses, Designing Perimeter Security (DPS) and Designing VPN Security (DVS), and has also updated exams for the CCSP, Cisco Firewall Specialist, Cisco VPN Specialist and Cisco IDS Specialist certifications.
Network intelligence solutions provider Lumeta Corporation is focusing its efforts on network perimeter definition, management, and security.
During the quarter B&B has received follow-on orders from existing oil refinery customers, new orders from two different oil refinery companies, and orders for other perimeter security applications.
Traditional perimeter enforcement at Internet access points is ineffective.