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Histological studies have shown that ganglion cell density and standard perimetry findings are very closely associated.
In cases in which the location of the scotoma was unclear, macular perimetry was performed.
The success and accuracy of MMT depend mostly on the steadiness of gaze, as is the case with conventional perimetry.
The volume visual field: A basis for functional perimetry.
All subjects underwent standard automated perimetry on Humphrey's field analyzer using 30-2 testing protocol by SITA FAST strategy.
It has an array of features designed to save time with an intuitive new 'SmartTouch' interface, which reduces the number of steps required for the technician to start a perimetry examination.
Presence of RAPD indicates optic nerve damage has exceeded the threshold and it can be quantified by automated perimetry.
Microperimetry-com-parison between the Micro Perimeter 1 and Scanning Laser Ophthalmoscope-fundus perimetry.
Standard automated perimetry (SAP) is a well-established clinical test used in both optometric practice and the hospital eye service to aid the identification of a wide range of ocular and neurological disorders.