period of isolation

See: quarantine
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I wanted to trace the effect of your long period of isolation upon your subsequent actions.
It may be tough and may require a period of isolation.
In contrast, China, supremely ethnocentric and insular even after its long period of isolation, refused to be subjected to arbitration by what it considers to be an improper forum.
The duration of these periods, and hence logistics of enameling technology in a particular production is to be determined by limiting the duration of continuous work cycle of the normal period of isolation (defective insulation is stable and reflects the level of technology).
It is time for you to emerge from a period of isolation.
The album's opening track, Tilikum, was written in the living room opposite his father's old house in York, where he returned to seek some positivity after a long period of isolation.
After a very long period of isolation, Iran is back in the global game.
Now, of course, that period of isolation has long gone, but perhaps it still retains some of its impact upon the British people, who do not want ties with the Continent.
During our nine-month period of isolation, we were exposed to three months of complete darkness and static temperatures that plummeted below -80[degrees]C.
Mission planners would like to fly a man and a woman, preferably a married couple who would be compatible during a long period of isolation.
After an initial period of isolation as he mastered the English language, he said he now feels settled and lives in a community that gets on well.
Myanmar's long period of isolation since the 1980s and the intense economic sanctions imposed by Western countries seriously hampered its development.